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Duplex Board Printed Boxes

Duplex Board Printed Boxes
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We, at National Packaging Company, are recognised for supplying a wide range of duplex board printed boxes for a variety of packaging applications that comprises of folding cartons, automobiles, electronics, consumer durables like toothpaste, ready food, beverage carriers, book and report covers, mailing tubes, video cassette boxes, etc. These boxes are competitively priced and available in different sizes, as per customers' specifications and needs. The product range is provided in excellent quality, fine finishes and texture to cater to the wide requirements of customers. This is the reason that packaging services provided by our company are preferred by a large number of customers.


  • Weight: 230 - 500gsm

  • Splendid printing ink absorbability, print gloss, dry picking, high-standard brightness and stiffness.

  • Smooth, fine and even.

  • Suitable for different printing requirements.

  • Suitable for box-making and print packing in the lines of cigarette, drinks, beverage, food, cosmetics, top-grade clothing, medicines.

  • Good isolation.

  • Can be printed rapidly.

  • Suitable for application in various printing methods.

  • Rapid speed of packaging.

  • More anti-fold times.

  • Environmental friendly; be degradable and recycle.

  • Health care box.


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